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As a founder and/or CEO in a privately owned business you have a lot to think about. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day operational activities and can be hard to free up time to time to see the company, the business idea – and life – in a broader perspective. Adopteur takes you and the company to the next level by focusing on different areas – one at a time. You develop the founder’s role by setting clear ownership terms for the enterprise, agree on the right requirements for the board, mentors and advisory board and streamline the operational tasks with a clear business plan. By creating and following the plan your life and entrepreneurship becomes more profitable, fun and satisfying.

Decide what you want your company to do


In a corporation, there are three governing bodies; the owners, the Board and the management. In owner-managed businesses it is common for one or more persons to share all three roles simultaneously. It is important to distinguish between the three roles as they are linked to different responsibilities and duties. If you mix the roles you won’t be able to lead the company aggressively enough and the resulting ambiguity will make it difficult to reach the full potential. An extensive questionnaire and a workshop can be the starting point for putting together your personal, professional ownership strategy.

Put together a professional board and use it as a strategic tool


A clear and written ownership directive often change the perspective of the company. With a comprehensive owner directive in place, you will have a clear view of what competences to look for in the members of the board, and what mix you will need. The board, respectively, will be able to focus on strategic tasks and provide clear guidelines and support for the management. Once the goal and the way forward is agreed upon – “this is where we are and this is where we want to be” – it is easy to see what skills are needed to make the journey. All must ge integral parts of the whole – vision, goals, strategies as well as the business concept and the operational plans.

Become a better leader


To develop a team and an organisation that transform a good company into an industry leader requires endurance, good judgment and courage. You have to create an unbeatable team spirit and get everyone in the company to run in the same direction, regardless of what happens on a the day-to-day level. We will be your sounding board, helping you to periodically see the company and leadership from customers and stake-holders perspective. This kind of strategic coaching will provide you with new insights and will be benficial both for your personal development and for the future of the business. Together we will take your dreams a step closer to reality.

Align your personal life and your career


Does life sometimes seem an impossible puzzle? Do you find it hard to sync family plans, and leisure activities with work, leadership demands and long-term business goals? With the right approach, lear goals and clear divisions between the founder/ownership role, strategic board work and daily management of the company, we will help you lay a solid foundation for a better entrepreneurial life.

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Bengt Åkesson, Founder

Bengt Åkesson, the founder of Adopteur, is a renowned writer and editor and has spent several years as a project manager, CEO and consultant in the advertising and marketing businesses. He has also held a number of positions in nonprofit organizations and trade associations. He believes that strategic planning, training and coaching are unbeatable toosl for owner-managed businesses that seek to grow faster.  

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This offer applies to Swedish-registered companies with 3 to 100 million SEK in revenue and at least one employee.